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An Inquiry From Our Client
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your response. I have been out of the office for the past few days so, I apologize for the delay in my email.

    I am interested in Silk Ties. I am thinking of 5 or 8-ply silk ties. I may be interested in Micro-fiber ties but of supreme quality and weight/thickness. I am very impressed with the Donald Trump Collection of neckties as I like their quality and the professional finish on those ties. I am not sure if you are familiar with that particular line, but I am looking for something similar in design, quality and presentation.

    We do not have our own designs and would reply on your designs or design team. I have come across several tie designs from well-known designers and I have seen some fabrics that I like (from neckties that I have seen) and I can send you swatches of fabric to review. Please let me know the best way to move forward in selecting the fabric and designs.

    My neckwear line is focused on businessmen so I am not interested in novelty ties. The ties should be professional looking with the option of standard and long lengths. I would like to begin the neckwear line with 20-25 various neckties for 100-200 neckties each.

    As far as other aspects of the ties, I would want my company name on the necktie tab in the back and I also want my company crest to be stitched onto the lining of the large blade in the back of the tie. (I have included pictures of the necktie tab and the location of company crest that I was referring to.)

    Please inform me of the how we should process from this point. Should I mail you swatches of fabric at this time, or are you able to send me swatches of fabric from your current designs?

    I look forward to your response and moving forward.

    Albert Prater