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Fabrics Guide for Ties & Scarves
  • Fabrics Guide for Ties & Scarves

    This section is a simplified guide to fabric selection for ties and scarves, to assist those less experienced with neckwear products.


    First Choice of Fabrics: PERSONAL PREFERENCE

    Woven Polyester: Extremely versatile and hard working fabric, recommended for working environment, also most cost effective choice

    Woven Silk: The most revered of tie fabrics, outstanding fabric for the connoisseur. Cared for and not over worn has good lasting qualities. More

    Printed Polyester Ties: Printed ties are often chosen because the colour count for the design is excessive or too complex for the woven process.

    Printed silk Ties: Same applies as for Polyester and silk fabrics generally

    NOTE; Printed tie and scarf fabrics for small to modest orders are bulk produced in neutral colours, some plain some with woven jacquard patterns. For larger orders it is possible to have the fabric specially woven with a jacquard feature of the clients choice. This is additional to the colour creations printed onto the fabric.


    Printed Scarves:

    Polyester: Available in lightweight fashion fabrics, Chiffon, Crepe de chine and heavier twill fabrics

    Silk: Often first choice in printed scarves, very soft fabric, available in fashion lightweight fabrics, Chiffon, Crepe de chine and heavier twill fabrics

    Cotton: More popular in larger and casual scarves, not suitable for very fine print detail. Prices are very volatile for this product.

    Imitation Cotton: Same as for cotton above for printing, pricing more reliable.

    NOTE;The heavier the fabric the less printed detail will be visible on the reverse side of the scarf.

    Woven Scarves:

    Same as woven tie fabrics, applies where a client requires the scarf to be made in the same fabric as the tie, same design and colours. The size and shape of the scarf is fairly restricted for practical reasons.

    Knitted Scarves:

    Wool: Best product for warmth and comfort but very expensive.

    Wool blend: Slightly less expensive than pure wool.

    Acrylic: Very popular based on price and versatility

    Polar Fleece: Same as for acrylic

    Note: The above information is a guide only. For more detailed discussion and pricing click the link: www.danlouistex.com .It is a free service.